Macedonia Voters Choose US Civil Rights Over EU Discrimination

May 08, 2024 Kavadarci, North Macedonia
In large part, due to the extreme anti-Macedonian and racially motivated
discrimination of European Union (EU) officials/states against ethnic Macedonians,
the voters of Republic of North Macedonia (“Macedonia”) elected a pro-American
& pro-civil-rights government on 08 May 2024.
Tipping the scales against making Macedonia an EU state. Instead, voters favor
making Macedonia into an American “Freely Associated State;” such as: Republic
of Palau or Republic of Marshall Islands. The large voter turn out in Macedonia
seemingly sends a loud message trending towards American-styled equal rights;
particularly regarding civil rights of ethnic Macedonians discriminated by and
through the European Union.
To further American-styled civil rights, Macedonia voters elected the first women
President, Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova along with a new very pro-America
Parliamentary VMRO-DPMNE party in the lead government spots towards making
Macedonia a future American Freely Associated State.
Generally, American laws prohibit state sponsored discrimination against
ancestry, culture or language because these particulars are deemed fundamental
constitutional rights under the U.S. Constitution. This American policy is not
represented under the EU and the European Union Commission. Evidence of EU
discrimination was made public when EU Commission President Ursula von der
Leyen blatantly ignored American fundamental constitutional guarantees when
she traveled to North Macedonia and urged (now voted out) lawmakers to vote in
favor of government discrimination against Macedonian ancestry, culture and
Macedonian language merely because Ursula von der Leyen believes this “paves
the way for opening the accession negotiations rapidly.”
Despite what EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen says, and despite
what type of racial discrimination the EU engages in, Macedonia voters affirmed
that doing anything “rapidly” by a government entity is seemingly never an
excuse justifying state-sponsored racial discrimination.
Steve Gligorov, J.D. Esq. Original Co-Founder United Macedonian Diaspora